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How to Create a Better Plumbing System

Houw To Create A Better Plumbing System

Creating a better plumbing system is a specialized trade. Quality of the plumbing system installation is directly proportional to the functionality. Consequently, proper functioning would determine how effective the system works and prevents damages caused by water leakage. Better plumbing systems can help you save a huge amount on water bills and have numerous other benefits as well.

The first thing to keep in mind is that sewage water flows down by the force of gravity so majorly the vents and the waste water pipes have to slope downwards. The main idea is that a quarter inch drop is provided for each foot the system runs. Here are some tips that will help you to create a better plumbing system:

  1. The importance of vents must not be overlooked and they ought to be installed in the vicinity of the drainage pipes. Building codes must be followed to know the proximity at which these can be installed. Vents help to maintain water in the traps and keep it running down the slope of the drain, preventing sewer gases from entering your house.
  2. Selection of pipes is also crucial. It is not advisable that PVC pipes be used inside the house; however, it can be used as a good waste pipe. Instead, CPVC pipe can be used for piping in the house but bear in mind that it is more fragile. For water piping, copper pipes or PEX pipes are more preferable. ABS pipes are resistant to molds, bases, acids and salts and are a perfect option for waste piping as well.
  3. Chiefly, it is efficient planning that helps to create better plumbing systems. The installation of valves and pipes must be carried out in a way which makes the process of maintenance easy.
  4. The sizes of the pipes for various locations all over the building must be appropriate. If the waste pipes are extremely small they will clog the drainages. Also, smaller water supply pipes will never supply water adequately.

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