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Common Things To Avoid Putting Down Your Kitchen Sink

What not to put down your sink

It's important to be careful and thoughtful about what you put down your kitchen sink. Otherwise, you may soon need to call our West Plains team for a drain cleaning before you know it. You'll know you haven't put the right things down your sink if you notice any of these signs:

  • Water backing up into sink
  • Sink not draining quickly or at all
  • Bad odor coming from drains

You don't have to worry about being blindsided by any of these signs and the need for a drain cleaning if you know what not to put down your kitchen sink. To help you avoid the hassle, our local plumbers have compiled a quick list of things that many people may not know can cause a serious drain clog.


There's a myth that's gone around for the longest time that grinding eggshells is a good method for cleaning and deodorizing the garbage disposal. However, doing so only creates more problems than it's purported to fix, as ground-up eggs can catch on existing debris and cause other debris to become caught, leading to a serious blockage over time.

Coffee Grounds

After finishing your morning coffee, you may think an easy and environmentally sound way to do away with your coffee grounds is to pitch them down the drain. Avoid that thought process, though. Coffee grounds account for many plumbers' reasons to provide drain cleaning, so opt for a compost bin, which is actually good for the environment.

Fruit Pits

Like eggshells, fruit pits don't break down very well or very fully in the garbage disposal. They also don't decompose as quickly as you might think, so any large chunks that catch onto the walls of your drain and cause substantial blockages down the road.

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