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Custom Tiny Homes For Customers Seeking Quality Affordable Housing Options

Tiny homes

Team Electrical & Plumbing LLC is always looking for ways to improve customer interactions and make sure we can provide the services and products that are in high demand. As the trend in tiny house living continues, we're proud to be able to team up with the Mennonite community to offer quality small homes to customers in West Plains. Although we're known as a preferred local electrician and plumbing expert, we've been able to branch out with this venture and continue to meet the discerning needs of our customers.

The goal is to bring an affordable housing option to clients by starting right here locally in our own community. We are now taking orders for custom tiny homes. Our Mennonite Carpenters and technicians will build for you a quality tiny home.

We can install solar for a totally off-the-grid lifestyle. Heavily insulated and quality finishes. Bring us your plans and ideas, and we will make it a reality for you. Please check with your local zoning laws and regulations before purchasing your tiny home. Call us today for details.

Why The Surge In Popularity For Tiny House Living?

New studies indicate that more than half of Americans would consider tiny house living. Smaller homes were trending even before the pandemic, but the popularity has actually increased in the wake of the coronavirus crisis.

At first, the driving force behind alternatives to traditional housing was financial. Couples, families, and even single adults were having trouble meeting the criteria requirements for conventional mortgages - or were turned off by the expenses associated with such huge financial debt. Yet the thought of paying rent for years to come wasn't any more appealing than.

Tiny homes have been a solution for many during the housing crisis.

Many see it as an ideal way to get that starter home yet quickly fall in love with the non-traditional lifestyle. Plus, there's always room to grow and build on to your existing small house as long as zoning and space allow for it.

Benefits Of The Tiny Home Movement

"Live big by going tiny!"

Whether you want to live off the grid or just want a place to call your home sweet home that won't break the bank - tiny homes are the ideal option.

  • Greener
  • More Affordable
  • Focus on Land Quality
  • Quality Details
  • Self-Sufficient and Sustainable Living

To find out more, feel free to contact a member of Team Electrical & Plumbing LLC to find out more about our tiny homes.

We build your tiny home here in the Ozarks and you can ship them anywhere in the country. uShip

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